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Exporters of Plastic Raw Materials from Canada and USA Specialized in Exports of  :

Near Prime ,Off Grades , Wide Specs of PE, EVA, PP, PC

Film Rolls, Baled Scraps, Regrinds and Repro

Competitive and Aggressive Focus on following products -

PE - Ldpe / Lldpe / Hdpe in Film Rolls  , HDPE Regrinds                                 

Flexibile Packaging - Bopp Film Rolls  ,  Pet Film Rolls, Mix Laminate Rolls

PVC - PVC  (generic prime / OG), Pvc Film Rolls , Pvc Rigid Regrinds, Pvc Flex Regrinds

EVA Coplymer  Near Prime and Off Grades, EVA Crumb Rolls, EVA Purge


PC and Acrylic / PMMA  Scraps

Plastics in Lumps form especially LDPE, PP,PET


Our company , Sam Global Ventures Inc., is in Ontario , Canada .  The promoters of the company have many years of experience in Sourcing, and International Trade of Plastic Polymers . We trade in Prime, Near Prime, Off Grades, Wide Specs of Polymer Resins , recycled plastics , and plastic scraps . We have learnt our business not in any class room but with hands on rigorous experience of many years in this trade . Our focus remains on being competitive and reliable partners for our customers. Our purchasing team exercises due diligence in choosing our supplier and we like to expand our business by working with quality customers .

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