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Virgin Polymer Resins 

We offer on  a regular basis Generic Prime and Virgin off grade resins of polymers such as EVA Copolymer Resin, PVC Resin, HD Fractional  Melt , PE Virgin Floor sweeps , LDPE , LLDPE , PP ( different melts - Homo polymers and Copolymers ) etc. Material is packaged in gaylord boxes or in supersacks and shipped in 40ft HQ Containers . 

Present Offers -  Virgin Resins

PVC Generic - K70

We can offer in Super sacks or gaylord boxes packaging , PVC Resin K70 vinyl suspension resin. The material does not have any contamination. Availability Subject to unsold

HD Frac Melt

We have generic prime HD Frac Melt Resin Available . Please check with us for present availability situation.

HDPE  BLOW MOLD GENERIC PRIME  : We are able to offer generic prime HDPE Blow mold in 25 kg plain bags packaging

EVA Copolymer

We have Non Spec - Mystery EVA Copolymer Resin . We also have some specifications Tested EVA Copolymer EVA Loads which are available from time to time. Please contact us for current offerings.

PE Virgin Floor sweeps

PE Virgin Floor sweep : All PE , could be LD, LLD , HD but all PE family. Appearance can be powder, purge strands , pellets etc. Natural Color . Please contact us for current availability.

PP Homopolymer / Copolymer

PP Homopolymer and Copolymers are sold as virgin resin off grades . These generic resins can be supplied in different melts . Please let us know what specification of PP virgin resin you need and we will be happy to assist you . Packaged in gaylord boxes or supersacks and shipped in 40ft HQ Containers.

EVA / EAA Mix resin

EAA / Surlyn Mix Resin


EVA Resin with EAA resin mixed in it. Clean and dry material. No Specifications

Packaged in gaylord boxes

EAA resin mixed with some Surlyn Resin.

Packaged in gaylord boxes and shipped in 40ft HQ Containers.

About 60% HD Frac Melt and 40% PP 2~3 melt. Packaged in supersacks or loaded loose in bulk.

PVC Off Grade Virgin Compounds

Virgin PVC compound off spec pellets, powder and regrinds. Made from virgin suspension pvc resin. Rigid PVC and Flex PVC loads available.

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